FIRST STEPS WELLNESS CENTRE specializes in rehabilitation for people with neuro-muscular disorders. We help our clients regain function through the use of leading edge intensive exercise-based rehabilitation programs. We have applied these programs in the following areas.

Spinal Cord Injuries – Can You Walk Again?

In 94% of our cases we have increased mobility and independence through functional gains. This significantly adds to the quality of life of our clients and of their families.

Multiple Sclerosis Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Program

The FES program for Multiple Sclerosis helps to reduce muscle atrophy, increases circulation, maintains or increases joint range of motion, reduces spasticity and other benefits. FSWC programs are designed to increase quality of life for people with MS.

High Performance Training for Para-Athletes

First Steps Wellness Centre is a Canadian Sport Centre Saskatchewan GymFit Facility. This means we are a recognized facility to train elite athletes, including elite para athletes.